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Vice-President, Operations

Nov 2006 - Oct 2008

  • As Ops Lead for AHRBS (HR Outsourcing business) managed 5 global customers. Was heading the Training and Administration vertical. I was the recruitment and retention lead for Mumbai and Bangalore.


  • Reneged case conversions improved by 51%​.

  • Error rate reduced from 60 errors a month to 2 for a global automobile client.

  • Number of transactions doubled with the same team size through automation and process improvements..

  • 26% processes automated.

  • The team was awarded operational excellence award for no defect transactions for a year.

  • Skill Index improvement from 2.7 avg to 4.2 avg on a scale of 5.

  • Subject Matter Expert dependency removed through on job assistance tool.


  • Transaction level trackers developed and automated for MIS reporting



  • Managed 90% of the accounts as Delivery Head. Grew business by 300% in two years.

  • With an extremely strong competition clinched the largest GE Aero energy deal of single PO ($3MM) deal in the history of the organization.


  • Direct vendor status achieved in shortest period of time with MICROSOFT.


  • Two Brandon hall awards(Gold and Bronze) 2006 under my supervision .


  • Built the Engineering services re usability model.


  • Implemented 3d Printing and created 3d miniature models of turbines for GE contractual services learning division and built a manufacturing practice for the same. This project gave of 60% ROI savings to our customer and generated a new line of business for SIFY.


  • Set up a 3D lab!! Implememted VRML and Stereoscopic 3D for the first time in e-learning.


  • Established preferred vendor status with 2 large clients which amounted to 70% of the revenue.


  • Set up multi location teams.


  • Was a part of the leadership team for many organizational level initiatives.


Functional Manager

Mar 2000 - Oct 2004

  • As a part of the new content development team it was all about challenges, innovation, quality and first time implementation of next gen strategies in content development for various divisions of GE.


  • A journey from 10 people to 350 in 4 years. Multiple exposures and implementation opportunities in rich media based technical training courses for GE Aircraft Engines, GE Appliances, GE Power Systems University and other divisions of GE.

  • Had an opportunity to work with some great leaders in GE and grew from an Asst Manager to a Functional Manager-Media.

  • Under my supervision our team won the TEAM OF THE YEAR AWARD -2003 & 2004 consecutively two years in a row for innovation, process efficiency and quality control.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Was recognized for giving most number of ideas in an initiative called "PARIVARTAN" for bringing process and overall efficiency.

  • My lean project on building process efficiency in media development was recognized as the project of the quarter in my division and as the project of the half year across GECIS INDIA.

  • Five individual exemplary contribution awards, two team of the year awards, One ACE award

Contributions to CSR:

  • ARTEX 2004 - A self driven initiative where my team contributed about 75 paintings for an Art exhibition - ARTEX 2004 under the CSR initiative of GE- ELFUN. The sale of all the paintings generated a profit of 75k which was donated to an orphanage in Hyderabad

  • About 150 paintings donated by my team were sold to the GE Uppal Training center resident rooms and the generated income was given to an orphanage in Hyderabad.

DGM- Projects

Nov 2004 - Oct 2006


Apr 1996 - Dec 1999

Various roles

It was an age of exploration, trying to find opportunities. Started with a startup called ENIGMA, started as a Trainee in multimedia tools

and had an opportunity to grow and lead a team. Start ups give you all round exposure and gears you up for next level of engagements.

Had a brief stint in sales and marketing in a company called EMCO Engineering, Abudhabi and increased exposure in foreign markets.

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